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I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurs. There’s a creative aspect to running a business that’s incredibly appealing to me. It’s part of what pushed me to start my own business ventures. Now, with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience behind me, I work to share my knowledge and help others who venture down this exciting path. I believe we can all live our lives from the inside-out. What does that mean? To me, it means making our daily life match our internal interests and passions.

It’s clear to me that nature-based adventures can help people see how to make that happen. Having that clarity allows you to create outstanding opportunities for personal and entrepreneurial growth so you can SOAR. Aside from spending time on business pursuits I love, I’m very active in the great outdoors. I’ve enjoyed adventures in more than 35 countries, leading workshops and coaching diverse audiences in many of them.

Q. What is an Adventure Coach?

A. An Adventure Coach helps people at various stages of life discuss and set goals and ways to achieve them. This is done while engaging in revitalizing outdoor activities. With an Adventure Coach, you’ll work on your life plan through personalized, adventurous experiences of self-discovery. These will help you redefine yourself from the inside out and shift your life in a positive way. Your Adventure Coach will help you harmonize your inner self and your daily life … all in the great outdoors!

Q. How is Adventure Coaching different from other coaching?

A. Adventure Coaching gets you out of your everyday routines and habits. You’ll get to explore your life through personalized outdoor activities that create opportunities for meaningful personal growth and transformation. It’s a rich, deep, and varied way to come to a better understanding of yourself. And it’s tailored to you. Generic books and programs only get you so far. Adventure Coaching helps motivate you from the inside, so you can overcome obstacles and redefine the way you live.

Q. Why should you sign up for Adventure Coaching?

A. The best way to set and achieve your goals is through a coaching program designed for you. That’s why Dave offers an array of customized packages, built to suit your needs. With guidance and a clear path ahead, you can engage in real self-discovery and let positive changes begin. You will be amazed by your results!





Most popular packages

Customized solo and group outings are available locally and around the globe! Local packages start at $79 per person.

Adventure Coaching Includes
One to One Coaching Customized coaching online or in person
Guided nature walk 1.5hr walk @ Fletcher Garden, min 4 people
Hiking / Snowshoeing 1hr Gat Park/Cascades, snowshoes, h2o, snack
Stand Up Paddle boarding 1hr Rideau/Ottawa rivers, board, paddle, jacket
Aerial courses & zip lines Arbraska, 3.5h hrs, helmet, harness
Whitewater Rafting Ottawa City Rafting, helmet, jacket, paddle, BBQ lunch & full access to property
3 hrs half day – afternoon full day
Bungee jumping Great Canadian Bungee, 1 jump
Travel Coaching Add Dave to your adventure travel
Weekend retreat  2day/2night WT classic, food, rafting, gear, camping
Global retreat Flight, transport, accoms…






Dave Urichuck spoke about mindset at The VA Conference in Ottawa. Dave's speaker style is casual yet professional. He inspires the audience with great stories that show the importance of cultivating a positive mindset as a business owner. He shared practical tips and advice that our audience identified with, and were able to leave the event and implement. I would not hesitate to bring Dave back to speak at a future event. Thanks Dave!

Tracey D'Aviero

Dave Urichuck was an engaging and energetic addition to the Osgoode Ward Business Association's AGM. Dave was able to bridge the gap and provide concrete takeaways for everybody in the room, from new home-based business owners to seasoned leaders of Mulit-National Corporations - not an easy task! Dave got our group to participate, exchange ideas and have a great time doing so!

Gino Milito, President of Osgoode Ward Business Association (OWBA)

Dave helped me through a very difficult period in my life. My struggles with anxiety, personal relationships and career instability were so overwhelming it left me feeling powerless, alone and overwhelmed. Thanks to Dave's unique approach, I learned to manage my time more effectively to increase my productivity in my business. He helped me figure out what direction to move in when it seemed as though I was being pulled in several different ones. He coached me through the hard decisions, helped me set goals that aligned with my values and made me realize that it’s ok to ask others for help. If you’re looking to push outside your comfort zone, crush goals, learn to communicate more effectively, manage your time wisely, or make a big change in your life, Dave is the right person to help!

G.K.L - Business Owner

I've known David for several years, but only recently heard him present a keynote. He selected a premise and stories that perfectly fit the audience and the occasion. He was articulate and poised, uplifting, inspiring.

District61 ToastMasters

We hired Dave Urichuck to speak at a company sales event and he was fantastic. His message was powerful and motivating, just what we needed as sales agents were approaching the new sales season. Highly recommend him for any event where you need a knowledgeable and passionate speaker.

Casey McGowan, McGowan Home Team

I recently attended Dave's "Set your Course for 2019" presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only is Dave an engaging presenter, but he gently challenges people to dig deep and explore how to overcome obstacles on their path to success. He has a very down to earth and relatable style in his approach in supporting people to get back on track.

Lana Doss

When I first met with Dave I was struggling to find a career that suited me, and knowing that Dave had come from a trades background helped me feel like he could understand where I was struggling. It only took a small handful of meetings with Dave that I realized that we were going to cover more than just career; we discussed anything and everything, from relationships of all kinds to personal growth and spirituality, all with the over arching goal of finding my own path to happiness. To me, that was always the best thing about how Dave acts as a Life Coach, is that he does't act like a consultant that tells you what to do, he helps you find your own path to happiness without telling you exactly which turns you need to make. I would recommend Dave to anyone struggling in any aspects of their life - I went to him looking for career advice, and ended up having a totally different outlook on all aspects of my life.

Connor Rockburn

I contacted Dave when I was ready for some help with a possible career change. I knew he had gone through this himself and is now a career/life coach. Perfect! After our first conversation, I knew this wasn't going to be a quick conversation but a relationship that would grow and develop over the course of a few months, maybe even longer. Dave is clear with his plan, professional, empathetic and a fantastic listener. I felt safe sharing what I needed to in order to effect change in my life. I soon realized that a career change is more than just finding a new job - it's a journey to finding happiness and satisfaction both in your personal life and in the workplace. His guidance through this journey was so helpful. He genuinely cares. I highly recommend Dave as a life and career coach!

Kelly Wray, TV Producer

Looking to add some adventure to your life and finally overcome long-standing struggles and barriers?